We are a group of Baltimore County residents, their friends and family, as well as allies from around the State of Maryland that have come together to advocate for the keeping of backyard chickens as pets.

Previously, Baltimore County residents were required to have a minimum of one (1) acre of land to be able to keep and raise backyard chickens. As of February 1, 2022, we are proud to announce that the one acre barrier is no more. Read the full overview here.

It is a part of our mission to provide education and resources to backyard chicken owners as well as to the county residents we call our neighbors. Now more than ever as more and more people try their hand at owning backyard chickens as an unanticipated result of the current pandemic, it is important to educate everyone on how to successfully raise their flocks, and how to ensure that we as the owners of backyard chickens are still being good neighbors. It is not just enough to legalize backyard chickens, declare victory and then exit stage left. We feel that if we care enough to invest out personal time and effort into advocating for the right to keep and raise backyard chickens, it is our responsibility to provide as much information, resources and support as possible for those around the county who will try their hand at raising backyard chickens, hopefully, thanks to our efforts.

We also want to address several common misconceptions when it comes to chickens. One of our goals is to help dispel these myths by providing fact-based information and changing the perception that some may feel as a reason against someone owning backyard chickens.

Keeping and raising chickens is a subject we take very seriously, and one about which we are very passionate; however, all the wonderful people contributing to this effort are doing this in their spare time as a labor of love. So be patient if you are looking for specific content – and if you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to pass them along, or better yet, join our effort!

– The Members of the Backyard Chicken Caucus

Media Inquiries? Please reach out to info@backyardchickencaucus.com

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